Harvest nature’s treasures

Nat&Nove BIO harvests the treasures of nature in France for an organic, ethical approach to beauty. That is why Nat&Nove BIO is committed to a more sustainable lifestyle on an everyday basis, and why it sources its active ingredients within France. The Nat&Nove BIO formulas are all vegan * and certified organic. Their organic active ingredients are locally cultivated in France and harvested in the field, in keeping with the Nat&Nove BIO commitment.

*free of any animal-based ingredients.

Nat&Nove BIO récolte les richesses de la nature
Nat&Nove BIO pour une cosmétique biologique et engagée
Nat&Nove BIO, une cosmétique bio
Organic & vegan* products

While maintaining perfect sensory appeal and effectiveness.

*Free of any animal-based ingredients.

Nat&Nove BIO, un ancrage Français
Rooted in France

A 100% French value chain (development, formulation, manufacturing and packaging performed in Reims).

Nat&Nove BIO soutient l'agriculture française
Supporting agriculture

Through our association-based commitments with the Miimosa crowdfunding platform.

Harvesting ingredients

Ingredients for our formulas are performed with respect for biodiversity, soils and seasons.


An eco tube made of 84% plant-based plastic from sugarcane**.

**Except for the cap


Nat&Nove BIO cares for your hair and your skin on a daily basis

with 17 certified organic hair care products and 4 vegan* shower gels made in France.

*free of any animal-based ingredients.


Gently cleanse and meet the needs of all hair types

Shampooings Nat&Nove BIO

Restore suppleness, softness and natural radiance to your hair

Après-shampooings Nat&Nove BIO
Shower gels

Provide you with a truly delightful experience with creamy, delicately scented formulas

Les gels douches Nat&Nove BIO

Our commitments

NAT&NOVE BIO supports organic French agriculture through its exacting approach to sourcing its organic active ingredients, grown locally and harvested in the field.

NAT&NOVE BIO joins forces with Miimosa to support commited farmers projects.

Engagements écologiques de Nat&Nove BIO

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