Nat&Nove BIO, beauty harvested from the heart of nature

Nat&Nove BIO is committed to a more sustainable lifestyle on a daily basis, by ensuring that active ingredients are sourced in France. Our Nat&Nove BIO products, with vegan* formulas, are certified organic. Its organic ingredients are grown locally in France and harvested in the heart of the fields: these are the Nat&Nove BIO commitments.

*Free of ingredients of animal origin

Certified organic vegan* products

Formulas without compromise on performance: expert and sensory

*Free of ingredients of animal origin

Rooted in France

A 100% French value chain (development, formulation, manufacturing and packaging performed in Reims)

Supporting organic agriculture

Demanding sourcing of its organic active ingredients, grown locally and picked in the heart of the fields.

Harvesting active ingredients

The organic ingredients in our formulas are harvested with respect for biodiversity, the soil and the seasons


An eco tube made of 84% plant-based plastic from sugar cane**

**Except for the cap

Our product lines

Nat&Nove BIO takes care of your hair and skin in the shower daily with 17 hair care products and 4 vegan shower gels certified organic and made in France.

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